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Acting on the real estate market for many years and watching the changing needs of customers, we designed the Four Seasons investment in Pobierowo. Serial four small segments located near the sea, created the modern formiei finished with high-quality materials at the right address for a second holiday home.

The segments are located at the intersection of Warszawska and Lodźka in Pobierowo. It is an ideal place for people who value peace, tranquility and closeness of nature. View of pine forest relaxes the whole year. Low buildings provide a sense of security and privacy.

Asides from the south side of the plot and sunny terraces allow for perfect rest and relaxation for your own garden with an area of ​​35 to 122 m2. In homes fitted sąnowoczesne Valliant stoves and heaters, enabling the use of charms all four seasons at the seaside. In addition precyzyjniezaaranżowane green areas on the total investment of Four Seasons lend a unique character.

Thanks to the large glazed interiors are very bright and sunny. The ground floors are equipped with sliding windows with automatic roller shutters, which has each of the floors.

Balcony barriers are made of tempered glass, emphasizing the modernity of the building. The segments consist of two full floors ranging from 55 to 60 m2. Ground floor creates a living room with kitchenette and toilet, and upstairs are two bedrooms and a bathroom. Parking on a fenced the property is assigned to each of the segments, which makes it easily and at any time we can korzystać z the charm of a house in Pobierowo since June 2016 year.



Galerie Projection housing

Location of the investment.

 Pobierowo town on the beautiful Polish Baltic Sea coast , located in a pine forest known for its micro climate and the environment. Investment Four Seasons four segments serial chamber is located at a distance of 380 m from the sea .

It is ideal for people who appreciate tranquility and proximity to nature.

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